Baneblade tank Dawn of War-DC

Name: Baneblade

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Type: Super Heavy Tank

In use by: Imperium of Man

Powered by: MR507 v18 p4 multi-fuel reactor

Destructive Capacity: Multi-city block to town+ level with Battle and Demolishor cannons, Multi-city block+ level with lascannons, Builsing+ level with heavy bolters

Durability: Multi-city block+ level

Material: Ceramite and Adamantium

Performance: 25kph on road, 18 kph off road

Weaknesses: Slow, has weaker armor in its joints, etc

Terrain: Land based vehicle

Needed Prerequsite for use: Needs a sizeable crew to maintain it

Operational Timeframe: Unknown

Weaponry: 3 twin linked Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons, Demolishor Cannon, Battle Cannon and Autocannon

Weapons Range: Multiple kilometers

Special Forms: Mars and Lucius Pattern Baneblades

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