Boba FettEdit


The CharacterEdit

Name: Boba Fett

Origin: Star Wars

Gender: Male

Classification: Human/Mandalorian/Bounty Hunter

Age: 73 (Current) 35 (Classic Trilogy)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Weaknesses: Shooting his jetpack in mid-flight can cause a malfunction and cause him to plummet to his death

Lifting Strength: Above Peak Human (can throw humans across rooms)

Striking Strength: Peak Human | Lightsaber can cut though most conventional materials

Speed: Peak Human, 145 km/h with jetpack (dodged blaster fire from 4-LOM, although whether this was aimdodging is debatable)

Durability: Wall+ level (armor sets protected him from the majority of all blaster fire and explosions. Flight/battle suit and power-liner shirt protects against blaster fire, poison, extreme temperatures, slashing and piercing.) | Multi-wall+ level (armor can take prolonged lightsaber strikes, and can deflect blaster bolts with relative ease) with Beskar Armor

Destructive Capacity: Wall+ level with standard blasters, small building+ level with rockets, ignores conventional durability with his disruptor rifle via molecular destabilisation

Range: Melee range, Tens of meters of ranged weapons

Stamina: Peak Human

FactPile Tier: Mid Street


EE3 Blaster Rifle

DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle


Thermal Detonators


Saber Dart Projector

Grappling Hook

Wrist Rockets

Beskar Armor

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

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Inconclusive MatchesEdit

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Respect Thread(s)Edit

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