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21st June 2084


Doragon no shinzo- de, ten no tame ni ri-chi! (With the Heart of the Dragon, Reach for the Heavens!)

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Wartime Economy (Capitalism)
Alperian Credit / Lrakian Tsuka


Constantly in a war-time state. The war with Infor demands that most of the industry works on things for maintaining and building Battlemechs.

Exports: Computers, Food, Technology

Imports: Alperian weapons, Any Advanced Tech it can get it's hands on. Currency: Lrakian Tsuka

Geography and Environment:Edit

A mix of mountains and wide valleys. The mountains make great military bases and provide a lot of raw ore needed for the advanced technology the Galaxian's desperately desire. The valleys are usually dedicated to farming operations, and only rarely for major cities, as usually the cities are placed on more easily defensible mountain sides.


Ruled in a self-proclaimed Neo-Feudalism. The Primier is voted in ever 7 years by the Dukes of House Lrak. The Duke of the People and Duke of Science is filled by the Primier while the Knight of the Realm is voted in every 3 years by Lords of each of the territories. They work as advisors and advocates over each of their assigned areas.

The Primier leads the nation into the future but has very little direct control. The trivumiate are the ones that put into action the Primier's policies.

The Duke of the People over sees the Economy, the Welfare of the People, and Education. The Duke of Science over sees Usuage of Technology, Research Projects, and Nature. The Knight of the Realm represents the Common People in State Affairs. He has to have been in the Armored Soldiary for over 10 years to be alligable.


While fairly diverse, it's primarily made up of English speaking peoples, with ethnicities ranging from Japanese to English.

Economy and Sciences:Edit

See themselves as rivals with the Alperian Tech, but really are no where near capable of matching their lofty heights... yet. While Alperia is tight lipped with it's advanced flight systems and battlesuit designs, the Lrak scientists have been diligantly working on their own flavor of heavy powered armor and more efficent airplane engines. This has come at cost in that it has left the majority of the other vechicles and aircraft lagging behind greatly. However the scientist contiunely promise breakthroughs are just around the corner.

Having seen the despicableness of Anti-GSC forces, and the horrible monsters the Infor create; House Lrak eventually allied and submitted to the GSC mandates and began open trade with other GSC nations. Output is controlled by local Lords and Dukes, and with oversight by the Duke of the People has made the DGC's economy quite stable.

Military StructureEdit

The Military is focused around the Armored Soldiery. Whose primary vechicles are battlemechs, a less mobile version of Alperian battlesuits. All mechs of either deployable, or static treads to increase long-range mobility. Everything is dedicated to supporting the battlemechs, tanks and other vechicles are usually second-line at best, and even then, there are more artillery in use by the Lrak then there are tanks.

The priority of the DGC's Military goes as follows:

  1. Armored Soldiery
    • Sokogun (Total: 480-640 Mechs + 2 Shogun 'Mechs + Sapoto)
      • Rentai (5x) (Each: 96-128 'Mechs + 2 Shogun 'Mechs + Sapoto)
        • Shogun 'Mechs (2x)
          • Senku 'Mechs (12-32x)
        • Shidan (4x) (Each: 24-32 'Mechs + Sapoto)
          • Buntai (8x)
            • Mechs(3-4x)
          • Sapoto (3x)
            • Aerial Transport (1x)
            • Tanks(4-6x)
            • Infantry Regiment (250-500 men)
            • Recon Infantry Regiment (100-300 Men)
  1. Airforce
  2. Army
  3. Navy

The Armored Soldiery is broken up into separate AS Sokogun (Armies) each of which control 5 Rentai. Each Rentai consists of 4 Shidans, and each Shidan is comprised of usually 8 Buntai. Buntai' are always either 3 or 4 mechs strong, and are usually but not by definition the same type of 'Mech.

Though Buntai' can be substituted with Sapotos of tanks, infantry, or other supporting vehicles. For instance, an aerial assault Sokogun would replace at least two Buntai per Shidan with TsK-16 transports.

**Military Doctrine**Edit

Those who are fit enough to pilot Battlemechs have to go through very tough and very long training to be given the honour to ride such a machine into combat. Before you even go into any simulators, you have to go through at least 2 years of study and physical training. So that even before the pilots step inside a mech, they are already a powerful force.

The next best thing to piloting a Battlemech, is to be a Dropship Commander. Because it is their duty to get the mechs in and out of combat zones in one piece. They go through even longer training with even more intensive simulations. Because even dropships are armed, the Dropship Commander must be a warrior in his own right.

Armored SoldieryEdit

As-105 Assassin [1]Edit

Class: Tactical Combat Mech
Height: 7 Meters
Weight: 70 Tons
Armor: Lightweight Composite Armor, w/ Carbon fiber layers and Aluminum Substructure.
-Walking : 45kph
-RK Drive : 105kph (under ideal conditions)
1x Left Arm-Mounted 110mm High-Velocity Rifle
3x Right Arm-Mounted F-22 Heavy Solid-State Plasma-based Laser Cannons (SSPLC)
2x Shoulder-Mounted Chaff Launchers
2x Shoulder-Mounted 5-Shot Rocket Launchers

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

The Assassin was the first Battlemech to used the breakthrough Roraken Tracked Drive System. It is still one of the most mobile 'mech designs available. Knights freqently use this mech even if their units usually field heavier mechs and often customize their mechs. While it's name is Assassin, the standard model does not employ any stealth systems. However should anyone be targeting the mech, it can use two chaff launchers on it's shoulders to hopefully scramble any attempts to lock on.

Ka-144 Kanazuki [2]Edit

Class: Close-Quarters Assault Mech
Height: 7.5 Meters
Weight: 140 Tons
Armor: Heavy Composite Armor

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 25kph
-RK Drive : 70kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

1x Torso-Mounted 250mm Snub-Nosed Cannon
2x Arm-Mounted F-57 Reinforced SSPLC

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Created specifically to fight the Infor, it was known that the Infor a cowardly rats and thus hide like them too. So House Lrak needed to create a mech specifically for urban combat while being able to bust through any defense. Armed to the teeth, it features a large 250mm cannon in it's torso, however it wasn't given a full barrel so it's effective range is diminished, but it's power has not. Should a Kanazuki get in range of a hardened target, it's only a matter of time before it is torn to shreds. However the powerful kickback from the cannon means that the pilot must take care when firing it.

Bx-55 Battle Axe [3]Edit

Class: Frontline Assault Mech
Height: 8.5 Meters
Weight: 155 Tons
Armor: Composite Armor

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 30kph
-RK Drive : 80kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

1x Left Arm-Mounted 155mm High-Velocity Rifle
3x Right Arm-Mounted F-32 Super-Heavy SSPLC
1x Torso-Mounted 15mm Heavy Minigun

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Created to be the backbone of the Armored Solidary, the Battle Axe is both well armored and well armed. Carrying three of the latest imported Laser Cannons from Alperia which alone are nothing to scoff at, it also carried a 155mm High-Velocity Rifle.

On-13 Oni-giri [4]Edit

Class: Monster Slayer
Height: 12 Meters
Weight: 250 Tons
Armor: Heavy Composite Armor

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 30kph
-RK Drive : 40kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

2x Arm-Mounted F-57 Super-Heavy SSPLC
4x Torso-Mounted 45mm Snub-Nosed Cannons
1x Torso-Mounted 15mm Heavy Minigun

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Created specifically to fight Inforian beasts.

OnN-8 Oni-nage [5]Edit

Class: Barrage Assault Mech
Height: 8 Meters
Weight:350 Tons
Armor: Heavy Composite Armor

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 30kph
-RK Drive : 40kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

2x Arm-Mounted F-57 Rapid Cooling/Extended Range SSPLC
2x Torso-Mounted 160mm High Velocity Cannons
4x Torso-Mounted 35mm Heavy Machine guns

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Created specifically to put holes in Infor.

Ab-80 Arbalest [6]Edit

Class: Mobile Force Projection Mech
Height: 8 Meters
Weight: 245 Tons
Armor: Heavy Composite Armor

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 20kph
-Treads : 65kph

    • VARIANTS-----------**

Ab-80MC -- Missile CarrierEdit

2x Torso-Mounted 15mm Heavy Minigun
4x Arm-Mounted Multi-Purpose Long-Range Missile 15 Pods + Hermes II Firecontrol Assist
4x Arm-Mounted 6-Shot Medium-Range Rocket Pods
2x Shoulder-Mounted Automated 5mm Ballistic Anti-Missile Systems

    • Variant Description:** The Ab-80MC is loaded with 4 Long Range missile pods which can switch between Extended Range (ER) and High Explosive (HE) missiles. The effective range for the ER Missiles is over 1.5km, while the HE rounds trade fuel space for heavier warheads. Should the enemy close range, then it will fire it's Medium-Range Rockets

Ab-80AA -- Anti-Air VariantEdit

2x Shoulder-Mounted 4-Tube 35mm Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers
1x Torso-Mounted 15mm Heavy Minigun
2x Arm-Mounted MPLRM/10 Pod
2x Arm-Mounted Dual-Linked 40mm Altitude-Programmable Flak Cannon
2x Shoulder-Mounted Automated 5mm Ballistic Anti-Missile Systems

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Designed to control space, the Arbalest has two primary variants, one to control the ground, the other to control the air. Should there be counter missile fire, both variants have two Anti-Missile Systems will shoot down as many as possible incoming rockets or missiles

Ak-13 Akuma [7]Edit

Class: Frontal Assault Mech
Height: 12 Meters
Weight: 170 Tons
Armor: Dual-Weave Composite Armor

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 25kph
-RK Drive : 70kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

1x Left Arm-Mounted F-22 Heavy SSPLC
1x Right Arm-Mounted 122mm Rotary Assault Cannon
2x Arm-Mounted 55mm Rifles
1x Torso-Mounted MPLRM/12 Pods
2x Torso-Mounted 5mm Ballistic AMS

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Designed to deal death from all ranges, the Akuma is only given to those who have shown themselves dedicated and skilled enough to the Armored Soldiery.

SG-13 Shogun [8]Edit

Class: Mobile Forward Base
Height: 25 Meters
Weight: 1050 Tons
Armor: Very Yes

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 10kph
-RK Drive : 30kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

5x Turreted 35mm Machineguns
4x 5mm Ballistic AMS Turrets
Main Battery:

  • 2x Turreted MPLRM/10 Pods
  • Quad-linked 135mm Cannons

24x Senku Remote Vanguard Units

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Used both as Fire Support and as forward base, every Rentai is equipped with at least one.

SK-80 Senku [9]Edit

Class: Remote-Controlled Close Support Infantry
Height: 3 Meters
Weight: 0.8 Tons
Armor: Light Composite

    • SPEED-----------**

-Walking : 15kph

    • WEAPONS-----------**

1x Left-Arm Mounted Heavy Hellfire Flamethrower
2x Torso-Mounted 15mm Heavy Machineguns
2x Torso-Mounted 9.5x56mm Machineguns

    • DESCRIPTION----------**

Used almost exclusively alongside Shogun's, it does not contain a pilot but is instead piloted via remote wireless link. Senku's are safe as long as they don't go 500 meters away from the Shogun, less in denser areas. Used mostly when the Shogun is on the move, there's nothing stopping them from being deployed at anytime in case of sudden attack.

Army VehiclesEdit

==Su-60 Supia==
Class: Battle Tank
Size: 15m by 8m by 4m
Crew: 2 = 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Weight: 50 Tons
Armor: Composite Armor
Max Speed: 60kph

    • Weapons:**

1x Turret-Mounted Multi-Purpose Long-Range Missile 10 Pod + Hermes II Firecontrol Assist 1x Body-Mounted 15mm Heavy Machinegun 1x Turret-Mounted 110mm High Velocity Cannon -OR- 1x Turret-Mounted F-53 Super-Heavy Solid-State Plasma-based Laser Cannons (SSPLC)

Military AircraftEdit

TsK-6 Tsuru-KyariaEdit

Class: Tactical Battlemech Insertion and Retrival Dropship Length: 55m Wingspan: 40m Max Load Capacity: 250~ Tons -- 4 Battle-Axe Mechs or 2 Arbalest Mechs Crew: 7 = 2 Pilots, 4 Gunners, 1 Loadmaster Propulsion: Four Heavy-Lift Jet Engines

    • Speed:**

Max Speed: 540kph Cruise Speed: 700kph

    • Weapons:**

2x Side Mounted Turrets: (One turret per side)

  • 1x Twin-Linked 35mm 3-Barrel Rotary Autocannons
  • 1x 80mm Hypervelocity Cannon

Rear Mounted Turret:

  • 2x Twin-Linked 35/3BRACs

1x Nose-Mounted 110mm High-velocity Cannon -OR- 1x Nose-Mounted F-53 Super-Heavy SSPLC

K-10 KageEdit

Class: Strike Fighter/Bomber Length: 30m Wingspan: 20m Max Load Capacity: 1500~ Tons Crew: 2 = 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner/Bomber Propulsion: 2 Jet Engines

    • Speed:**

Max Speed: 450kph Cruise Speed: 800kph

    • Weapons:**

2x 10mm Machine Guns AND either 4 High-Explosive Laser-Guided Bombs 2 Large Delayed Explosion "Bunker Buster" Laser-Guided Bombs OR 6 Air-To-Air Interceptor Missiles

Specialized VehiclesEdit

Naval ShipsEdit

A01 AtarashiiEdit

Class: Armored Soldiery Operation Support Carrier Length: 500m Max Load Capacity: 5000~ Tons Crew: Lots + Battlemech Pilots + Fighter/Bomber Pilots + Dropship Pilots... Propulsion: Yes

    • Speed:**

Cruise Speed: 15kph

    • Weapons:**
    • Lots.**

Small ArmsEdit

Because the DGC's military industry is pretty much exclusively dedicated to producing, arming, and repairing battlemechs and other vechicles, it makes sense that the DGC would heavily rely on it's allies to fill the gaps in it's production.


    • HMK 410**

Classification: Heavy carbine Caliber: 9.5x56mm caseless Operation: Gas-operated, rotating bolt Length: 80.5/88.5 cm Barrel length: 78.6 cm Maximum ROF: 832 rounds per minute Feed device: 35-round box magazine Total Weight: 3.97 kg Features: -Integrated system links -2-5x optical/digital zoom scope -Bullpup design -Integrated suppressor -Recoil compensator -Attachable 40mm grenade launchers, CAW weapons, grips and others

    • M90C**

Classification: Combat shotgun Caliber: 8 gauge (standard) Operation: Gas actuated semi-automatic Length: 926 mm (36.4 in) Barrel length: 510 mm (20.07 in) Effective range: 50 to 60 m with "000" (range extended with AP slugs) Feed device: dual 8 round tubes, 40 round detachable dual box Weight: 5.4 kg (11.9 lb) Features: -Integrated system links -Hardened for "Dragon Shells" -Can carry two separate shell types and can alternate fire between them

    • MP9**

Classification: Personal Defense Weapon Caliber: 4.7x35mm caseless (Brutanium dart) Operation: Gas operated, rotating bolt Length: 54 cm (stock extended) / (33cm; stock collapsed) Barrel Length: 23 cm Effective Range: 250 m Maximum ROF: 950 rounds per minute Feed device: 20 or 40 round box magazine Muzzle velocity: 630 m/s Total Weight: 1.9 kg (empty) Features: -Integrated system links -Reflex scope -Integrated flash suppressor -Extendable stock

    • TMW-A (Tactical Modular Weapon-Automatic)**

Classification: Sub-machine gun Caliber: 10.7x33mm caseless (standard) Operation: Gas operated Length: 60.4 cm Barrel length: 45.6 cm Maximum ROF: 820 rounds per minute Feed device: 55-round box Muzzle velocity: 1,000 m/s Total Weight: 2.8 kg (loaded) Features: -Integrated system links -2x optical/digital zoom scope -Integrated silencer/flash suppressor -Operable underwater -Bullpup design -Magazine is located above the action -Extremely modular design

    • .512 Cobra**

Classification: Armored Infantry Personal Defense Weapon Caliber: 13.04x49mm CHE gyrojet Operation: Recoil Length: 32.34cm Effective Range: 680+ m Feed device: 7-round box Muzzle velocity: 571 m/s Total Weight: 2.27 kg (empty) Features: -Integrated system links -Advanced quick-loading system -Gyrojet-to-helmet guidance

    • Mk4**

Classification: Pistol Caliber: .45 caseless Operation: Recoil Length: 24.5cm Effective Range: 440+ m Feed device: 14-round box Muzzle velocity: 720 m/s Total Weight: 789 g (unloaded) Features: -Integrated system links -Threads for suppressors/silencers

    • PSR-6**

Classification: Tactical sniper rifle Caliber: 8.6x70mm gyrojet Operation: Gas-actuated imitation bolt-action Overall length: 99 cm Barrel length: 85 cm Feed device: 7-round box magazine Weight: 5.9 kg (empty) Maximum effective range: 3,900+ m Expected accuracy: .08 MoA at 3,000m -Integrated system links -2x-16x optical/digital scope -Free-floating barrel -Bullpup configuration -Specially built barrel and gyrojet rounds make firing silent without a reduction in damage -Gyrojet-to-helmet guidance


    • RPG-15**

Fire rate: 12rpm Range: 2400m Ammo count: 3x 80mm DHEAT or ABF rockets Weight: 9.4kg loaded, 6.5kg empty

    • M41 Grenade Launcher**

Fire rate: 400 rpm Range: 600m Ammo count: 10 round Calibre: 40mm Hellfire rounds Weight: 7.3kg loaded, 5.7kg empty

    • M2 Mortar**

Fire rate: 120 rpm Range: 300-5000m Ammo count: 8 round Calibre: 70mm rounds (Hellfire/ABF/Smoke/HE) Weight: 123kg loaded, 97kg empty

    • ATML-6**

Fire rate: 6rpm Range: 2400m Ammo count: 6x 120mm DHEAT or HESCC missiles Weight: 120kg loaded, 84kg empty