1) If it is not relevant to Factpile it does not belong here.

1a. Pages concerning non-Factpile related content belong under individual user property.
1b. Anything that has appeared on Factpile as part of a match or scenario is considered relevant. 
1c. Disagreements over what constitutes relevance will ultimately be decided by administrators.

2) Disputed feats require citations of proof to remain.

2a. Citatations should link first to where the appropriate information is on , , or the official source website. Only then should other third-party sites be considered for citations.
2b. If no validation can be found for a claim within a reasonable amount of time, that claim must be removed from the wiki. A reasonable amount of time ends when users are no longer actively looking for the proof or an administrator declares it.
2c. Debates concerning proof should be settled on Refusal to defend a claim is treated as a forfeit.

3) Be respectful. There should be no flaming, and absolutely no prejudicial or pornographic content on this wiki. Information regarding religion, sex, or ethnicity is to remain neutral and inoffensive.

Violations of these rules are subject to disciplinary action ranging from minor to major, as determined by administrators.