Abaddon only wishes he could be this badass

The CharacterEdit

Name: Horus Lupercal

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Gender: Male

Classification: Space Marine Primarch of the Sons of Horus Legion/Avatar of the Chaos Gods

Age: Several thousand years old at least

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions and stamina, immortality (Types 1 and 3), regeneration (low-mid), strong resistance to magic, soulfuck and mindfuck, psyker powers (extent unknown), immunity to disease and toxins | Massively increased physical and psyker powers on par with a holding back God Emperor of Mankind, immortality (Types 2 and 4) and regeneration (low-godly) as Chaos Horus

Weaknesses: Nothing notable, fears being forgotten by the IoM, which lead him to Chaos in the first place

Lifting Strength: Class 100+

Striking Strength: Class T+ (destroys mountains with his strikes) | Class XMJ+ as Chaos Horus (Was trading planet busting punches with the God Emperor, sodomised Sanguinius)

Speed: Hypersonic+ | Likely alot higher as Chaos Horus

Durability: Multi-Mountain+ level | Planet+ level as Chaos Horus

Destructive Capacity: Mountain+ level with physical attacks | Planet+ level with physical and energy attacks as Chaos Horus

Range: Several meters melee range, several kilometers with ranged powers | Far above Planetary/Cross Dimensional as Chaos Horus

Stamina: Huge, can fight for weeks on end without tiring

FactPile Tier: High Metahuman | Mid Herald as Chaos Horus


Talon of Horus (Lightning Claw that is a power weapon and has twin linked bolters)

Worldbreaker (a power maul crafted by the Emperor himself)

Notable Attacks/TechniquesEdit

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Spawn and the Redeemer (Image Comics) - Spawn Profile, Redeemer Profile (was allied with Angron and still lost)

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Other: Not to be confused with the Egyptian God of the same name