Neo Prussia (think helgahst)

Backing: Anti GSA

Motto: Eiserne Faust

Capital: New Berlin

Largest City: New Berlin

Official Languages: German

Government: fascist.

------Total: 250 million

------Economy: Closed to all except Ant-GSA

Exports: Weapons and other war machines.

Imports: Resources all kinds

Currency: Riechsmark

Geography and Environment: The state of Alaska ( and a lot of surrounding area) a frozen tundra environment. Neo-Prussian cities are massive metal cities that are filled with the low grumble of the Prussian war machine. Giant cogs of the war machine turn scraping against each other.

Demographics: The people are tall athletically built blonde with blue eyes. No crime because every one is militaristic.(they are actually beaten into being honorable they will destroy their enemies by any means but still have an honor code) Their harsh environments have moulded them as the toughest of human beings. Their education consists of all forms of military tactics military code. They also learn all the basic school subjects. Math, Science, german, and history. they all have an IQ of over 180 an officer must have an IQ of over 230. They have very modern medical facilities offering help to all of their citizens.

Economy and Sciences: They are a war machine they have no need for an economy. They are masters at war tech. Neo-Prussian and non lethal do not mix. If an anti GSA country want Bad @$$ weapons you call neo- prussia.

Military: A very strong military force consisting of a strong army, navy, and air force. (Very rare in this environment) they are a massive war machine growing larger by each passing day.

Military Doctrine: Very much like the Spartans each male is trained from the age of six and trained under cruel harsh conditions. They are mentally trained. They are also physically trained to extent of human condition to be the perfect soldiers. They merciless killing machines that have no remorse to those they kill. They will fight to the death for their country. Every woman undergoes extreme physical training to produce the strongest warriors for in this world only the strong survive. After that they can opt for cybernetic enhancements. That can further their killing power. They are also trained in every form of practical martial arts. Every soldier is trained how to use every known weapons theirs and their enemies. Every kind of cyber enhancements you can think of they have.