Samus other m power suit


Name: Samus Aran

Alias(es): Galactic Savior, Princess, Savior, The Hunter

Origin: Metroid

Height: 1.9 m. (6'3")

Weight: 90 kg. (198 lb.)

Species: Human/Chozo hybrid. Possibly a chimera after being given the Metroid vaccine.

Affiliation: Galactic Federation

Age: Mid twenties to early thirties.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Strength

Arm strength: 50 metric tons. [1]

Bench press: Unknown.

Deadlift: Unknown.

Leg press: Unknown.

Overhead press: Unknown.

Pushing/Pulling strength: 50 metric tons. [1]

Striking strength: Unknown.

Vertical jump: Three times her own height. | Hi-jump boots x1.5 in Metroid (NES) [2] | x2 in Return of Samus. [3]


Reaction time: 2.75 milliseconds. [4]

Combat speed: Hypersonic+ (Can dodge futuristic alien bullets with ease)

Running speed: 30 m/s based on outrunning a powdered avalanche. [5] | 47.79 m/s with the boost ball. [6] | 10% speed increase with the varia suit in Return of Samus. [7] | Supersonic speeds. [8][9][10]

Flight speed: 30 m/s based on Samus' running speed followed by flying with the space jump. [5] | Supersonic speeds. [11]

Swimming speed: Not applicable.

Vehicular speed: Hunter-class gunship's top speed is 72 × c. [12]


Brittleness: Not applicable.

Compressive strength: Unknown.

Elasticity: Not applicable.

Electrical resistivity: Low.

Force: 16,361.1 kg m/s^2 [13]

Hardness: Possibly similar to iron or steel, if not greater.

Ionizing radiation: High-powered lasers can harm Samus' energy shield. EMPs can disrupt the visor.

Kinetic energy: 5,948,568.738 kg m^2/s^2 [14]

Malleability: Not applicable.

Non-ionizing radiation: Unknown.

Plasticity: Unknown.

Pressure: Unknown.

Shear strength: Unknown.

Stiffness: Unknown.

Tensile strength: Unknown.

Thermal energy: 800 °C with some gravity suits. [15] | Below 0 °C with the power suit alone. [16]

Toughness: Capable of taking high degrees of blunt force without fracturing. At the beginning of Metroid: Other M, Samus can be seen with scratches or loss of a paint job after being almost defeated by Mother Brain.

Voltage: 3.0 × 10^6 V/m. [17]

Wattage: 2 terawatts, or 2.0 × 10^21 kg m^2/s^3. [18]


Samus can run for extended hours. | Concentration recovers some energy and crystal flash restores all energy tanks.

Destructive capability

Samus utilizes directed-energy weapons, which may be categorized under electromagnetic radiation, particle weapons, or sonic weapons. Most common are laser weapons, as these can be found from the wave, [19] light, [20] nova, [21] spazer, [22] and plasma beam in the 2D Metroid games. [23] The plasma beam and nova beam reach frequencies beyond the ultraviolet spectrum. [21][23] Missiles utilize the Munroe effect and are capable of generating 7.16 kg. of TNT. [24] The power bomb is considered one of Samus' most powerful weapons, which generates 5.88 kilotons of TNT. [25]

Destructive range

Samus' beams and missiles travel at least hundreds of meters. Based on the power bomb's TNT equivalent, the radiation alone can reach up to 4.09 km^2.

FactPile Tier: Low Metahuman


Standard Equipment

Power suit, arm cannon.

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