For many, the FactPile (or Factpile) environment is easy enough to participate in. Still, others find they are met with much opposition and even hostility from other 'Pilers, and have trouble getting their arguments accepted or taken seriously. Following is a quick rundown of how these negatives can be avoided.

Conducting YourselfEdit

The first and most important part of preparing yourself for a positive debating experience is to read the FactPile Debating Rules . These rules include the basic mechanics of matches as well as common and uncommon forms of logical fallacies and debating mistakes, the latter being found under the FactPile Debate Guidelines section on the same page. If you have a question regarding a particular rule, chances are some posting veterans or regulars can help you out, if not the Admin himself.

Note: Perhaps the mosy important general debating rule is positive claims require proof. This means that if you claim something questionable you need to provide the scan, video, quote (with book title and page number), etc. to back it up.

The second part of preparing yourself involves reading the Community Guidlines . The Admin is known to be a staunch advocate of free speech, but that doesn't mean that anything goes. Furthermore, maturity goes a long way toward earning respect.

The third thing to note is how to actually get your own matches posted on Factpile. This is accomplished through the Battle Requests page in one of two ways. Filling out the form and submitting your request means Admin will be able to review it and decide on whether to post it. The Name field asks for the name you wish to have your suggestion attributed to, ideally your Factpile username and not your real name. The Subject field is best filled out with "Factpile Battle Request" or something to that effect, so as not to be mistaken for spam. Finally, the Message field contains your match idea: To maximize the chances of it being posted you can 1) include pictures of the characters involved, 2) write an engaging or creative battle scenario, and 3) suggest something fresh and new.

Alternatively, you can select a payment option to have your request guaranteed. 

Making a Name for YourselfEdit

There are several elements that will contribute to making you a recognized member of Factpile:

• Be present. The more you post the more others will know you.

• Debate well. Showing intelligence and always backing up what you say with proof will likely increase others' respect for you.

• Be easy to distinguish. Having a unique, unusual, or otherwise easily-recongizable name and avatar will help others in attributing your deeds to you because you will be that much more memorable. Factpile uses Gravatar ; making a free account and choosing a picture to represent yourself will cause that picture to become your Factpile avatar.