Name: Warlord Class Titan (divided into Eclipse, Death Bringer, Night Gaunt and Nemesis Classes)

Pilot: Varies

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Height: Varies dependant on the source material, varies from 30m to 200m tall to even many hundred meters tall, though normally skyscraper sized

Weight: Several ten thousand tons at least

Powered by: Plasma Reactor

Destructive Capacity: City+ level (dishes out attacks that make the Tsar Bomba look silly, also one shits 40K scale cities)

Durability: City+ level (casually tanked said attacks easily, unless they're massed fire)

Material: Adamantium

Performance: Fast enough to shoot hypersonic+ aircraft out of the air

Terrain: Land

Needed Pre-Requisite for use: Neural Interface

Weaponry: Arm Mount Weapons (can vary from Laser Blasters, Gatling Blasters, Melta Cannons, Plasma Destructors, Quake Cannons, Volcano Cannons and Titan Close Combat Weapons) and Carapace Mounts (Double Barrel Turbolaser Destructors, Plasma Blastguns, Inferno Guns, Vulcan Megabolters, Apocalypse Missile Launchers and Vortex Missiles)

Notable Features: Void Shields, Adamantium Armor

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

FP Victories:

AT-HE (Star Wars)

FP Defeats:

Shin Getter Robo (Getter Robo)

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